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Category: Android Mod’s [Root Need]

Top Rooted Android Mod’s

Top 9 Official Moto Boot Animation

Top 9 Android 7 Official Nougat Boot Animation For Moto E,E2, Moto G,G2,G3, Moto X, X2, X 3rd Gen

Thanks shashank kumar For make Boot Animation

Google Pixel Dialer For Any Motorola Smartphone

Google Pixel Dialer For Any Moto Device

It will work on Moto G2, G3, G3TE, G4, G4 Plus, G4 play, X Play, X Style, etc..

Thanks To Ankit Kulkarni To Make This Files.

Top 3 Boot Animation For Moto G 1st/2nd/3rd Generation

Top 3 Android 7 Nougat Boot Animation For Moto G[2013] 1st Gen,G[2014] 2nd Gen,G[2015] 3rd Gen

Thanks For make Boot Animation

Get Pixel Experience On Any Android

Full Google Pixel Experience

Google Dialer works fine on most models, but can have bugs!!! It should work on Android 6 or later. The Google Assistant will only work on Android 7 or later. If you flash this ZIP on Android 6, the installer will install the new Google Search app, but the Google Assistant wont work.