Install Android Nougat 7.1 Full Ui On Any Smartphone[No Root]

Android Nougat 7.1 Ui For Any Android, Convert Any Smartphone To Google Pixel.
No need to Root Your Smartphone Only Install Apk And Enjoy Pixel Ui.

Nougat UI for Android BETA


Without requiring ROOT-RIGHTS – You simple to install, as a regular application wrapper for devices with Android OS. In one application contains its own shutter and the status bar, launcher, pop-up notifications, setting device etc. Home uniqueness of the project – the existence of those who make similar interface of a shell (for example: Android 7.1.1). All this works on almost any version of Android without root-rights requirements.


  • Transparent custom status bar and curtain notifications in Android Nougat, within the project
  •  Pop-up notifications (for Android 4.1+)
  • Just made Easter eggs, as in the Android Nougat
  • Launcher in style Pixel Launcher, lightweight, with a bit of Google-interface launcher from the Android Nougat
  • Its counterpart “Settings device” (standard design, the same as in Android Nougat)