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Pixel Features For Moto G3 CM 14.1 Based Rom’s|Nougat 7.1|All In One|

Pixel Features theme For Moto G 2015 (Animated home Button)

Google has Release Pixel Lineup on October with new android Nougat 7.1. With Android 7.1 Many new features has been Roll Out like Multi Window, Night Mode, Doze Mode v2 Etc.
But For Google Pixel they have Kept Some Feature As Pixel Exclusive such as Pixel Launcher, Google Assistant and Nav Button.


But Through the help of Chromloop m able to port nav button, pixel launcher and Google Assistant to my Device Which Is Moto g 2015 on the base of Lineageos 14.1. So m going to share this to u all which is as follows.


  1. Aakash Pawan Aakash Pawan

    Hello smarttricks. I have flashed the pixel flashable zip file on my moto g4 plus. And after that my phone gets hanged with a white screen with google logo. Then because of the lack of charge my phone switched off. After that I flashed cm 14.1 on my phone. But the google logo appears when I switch off/on my device.
    Please give me a solution for that.
    If there is no solving techniques please give me the way to turn back my phone to original condition with all default moto and Google apps.
    Please answer for my kind request…

  2. Eduardo Eduardo

    Hi smarttricks i want to know if it’s rom you can install a Motorola Moto G4 and give me the instructions to install it or do a review
    Thank you

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